Woman Arrested In Attempted Plot To Steal Baby

Mother taking a smartphone picture of her baby

A 38-year-old woman is in hot water after faking to be a newborn photographer online in what has been described as a plot for her to steal a baby. Juliette Parker and her daughter are currently under suspicion of posing as newborn and maternity photographers on social media, offering free photos to families in an effort to build their portfolio.

Detectives are now alleging that her real motive was much more sinister, as she was actually searching for a baby that was under five weeks old in an attempt to steal the child, take them out of state, and then claim it was her own. Parker was invited into the home of the unsuspecting soon to be mother three different times, when on the third visit they brought her a cupcake that detectives now believe was poisoned. She began to feel numb and drowsy, and ordered the two to leave before realizing her house keys were gone.

Police said that on the previous visits that she noticed the woman taking selfies with the baby, and wiping down her fingerprints from any item in the home she touched. The mother also said the pair wouldn't open the door with their hands, opting to only use their sleeves, and wouldn't even sit on furniture, instead always sitting on the floor.

Check out the full story from CBS news HERE!

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