Portland Strip Club Offers Meal Delivery Service With Their Dancers

Low Section Of Dancer On Strip Club

With Coronavirus closing down a lot of businesses for at least the next four weeks in Oregon, a lot of local places are looking at alternate options to keep making money.

Well known strip club, Lucky Devil Lounge, made the decision to shut their doors for the time being, and has now launched 'Boober Eats.' Owner Shon Boulden said it originally was a joke, until they started gaining interest on Facebook.

Boulden explained to Willamette Week that the service will work like any other food delivery, but with a twist! Lucky Devil Lounge is offering their entire menu, excluding alcoholic beverages for delivery, and rather than a typical driver you'll get two dancers to deliver. He went on to say that they will "wear pasties and booty shorts, drop off the food, dance for a second and then move along." He did stress that everything is very clean, and the dancers will have lysol with them.

One great thing about the service is that it's not only keeping their dancers employed, but other employees at the club. Bouncers are driving as well as providing security to the girls at each stop and the cooks are still able to work to make the food.

Boulden also did say the girls will pose for photos if you want to share about Boober Eats with your friends! They are currently taking deliveries by phone at (503) 206-7350 or online HERE!

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