How Legit Are Facebook Ads?

Whenever you scroll through social media, we always see these amazing deals for laptops, watches, smartphones and all kinds of electronics at what seem like impossible prices. While the ads are enticing, are they actually going to send you the product as advertised? The answer is probably not.

Advertising on social media is a great tool, as it can help you target the exact audience you are looking to sell your product to, and hopefully create new clients. While the product is extremely helpful, quite a few people tend to abuse the ease of buying ads on the platform.

How do you protect yourself from fake ads? First off, check the profile. Are they advertising $50 laptops, but then have almost NO social presence outside the paid posts? It's probably too good to be true.

If the profile looks legit, the next step is to check the website. Scamwatch created an article on how to spot website scams, that highlights another great point, almost all websites will have https in front of the web adress and the s stands for a secure network. If there is no s, and simply just http, be wary of giving them your payment information.

Atomic Shrimp on YouTube has actually ordered some of these items to unbox and show the true quality of what you are purchasing.

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