Jenna Jameson in Her Underwear with Her New Baby

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Ok... I was reluctant to post this because I’m so super insecure about my belly. I think MOST new moms are, except the seemingly unattainable insanely perfect Instagram models that literally look like Victoria’s Secret models just days after giving birth. God bless em. Well, I’m 10 months postpartum and not anywhere near where I’d like to be. Granted I haven’t worked out once, or even WANTED to. But, this is my new norm, my little beautiful baby that loves me, and every dimple and roll. I know I will get back to my slender self someday, but if I don’t... oh well. I’d like to say that I am seeing things through so many women’s eyes now that I’m more involved in my mommy tribe. So many women are made to feel not good enough if they don’t “SnapBack”. Well I’m here to say to all of you, that you’re beautiful. You’re beautiful because you did something MIRACULOUS... you gave life. #postpartum *by the way I am wearing a fab wig and Batelli is like... wth. #postpartumbody

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