29 Examples of“Movie Logic”That Don't Work in Real Life

1. Someone telling a co-worker to “cover me,” then leaving their job to attend to some kind of crisis. You don’t just walk off your job and leave someone else with TWICE THE WORK. Plus, you’re likely to get fired for just leaving.

2. Hiding from someone ON THE CEILING, just a few feet above their head. There’s no way they wouldn’t see you. There’s just not.

3. When a woman gets out of bed after sex, she wraps the entire sheet around her. Who is she being modest for? There’s no one in the room except the guy she just had sex with, right?

4. Turning on the news or the radio at the exact right moment for the plot. I’d also throw in the “We interrupt this broadcast . . .” which literally almost NEVER happens.

5. Shooting a computer monitor to destroy the hard drive.

6. High school classes that only last five minutes.

7. Someone getting knocked out and being unconscious for several minutes or hours. That would probably result in serious brain damage or even death.

8. Giving birth to a baby that’s perfectly clean and looks several months old already . . . and no afterbirth.

9. People holding their breath underwater for insane amounts of time.

10. Every window in Paris somehow overlooking the Eiffel Tower.

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