Australian Woman Breaks Into Exes Home To Delete Pictures Off His Phone

Jana Hocking, a radio and former tv producer and blogger in Australia broke into her exes home to delete naked pictures of his phone. Hocking claims to have been worried that post breakup he was going to share her pictures on a revenge site, which prompted the break in.

While talking about the break-in Hocking said that “I arrived at his house super late at night when I knew he would be asleep, snuck through his window while he was snoring up a storm, grabbed his phone, scrolled through his photos, found the offending shot and deleted it before commando-rolling the heck out of there. To this day, I thank God that fingerprint identification hadn’t been invented yet.”

Hocking said that while she doesn't regret the break-in, she doesn't condone other women following in her footsteps according to Bro Bible.