Fundraiser Pager For Little Berkeley Daniels

Berkeley is a joyful and caring 5 year old daughter. Approximately 9 months ago, Berkeley began showing symptoms of a rare, genetic, and progressive neurological disorder called Dystonia 28 (fewer than 100 cases in the world). Berkeley's case is severe and rapid - in less than 12 months from symptom-onset, she will require a feeding tube, wheelchair, a device to speak, and a full-time aide to assist her with all activities of daily living.

Based on an age technicality, Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon has denied Berkeley the ONLY treatment for Dystonia 28 -Deep Brain Stimulation. Berkeley must receive this surgery quickly or she may never regain the ability to eat, walk, talk and live an independent life. Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon's policy requires Berkeley to suffer until she turns 7 years old when they will deem the surgery "medically necessary." University of California San Francisco neurosurgeon is willing to insert a Boston Scientific DBS device on July 11, 2019. Lets get this little girl the help that she needs. You can get to her go fund me page HERE!