Man Drinks Cocktail Containing His Own Toe

Just reading the headline, "Man Drinks Cocktail Containing His Own Toe" made me want to throw up in my mouth. Why? I mean...what in the??? Who in the **** would want to do that?

His name is Nick Griffiths, and he's the weirdo who drank a cocktail containing his own toe. The Englishman was competing in a winter ultra-marathon. After experiencing severe frostbite, Griffiths had to have several of his toes removed. He asked his surgeon if he could keep the digits, so he could send them to a hotel in Canada that serves the infamous "Sourtoe Cocktail." The "Sourtoe" consists of a shot of whiskey and a human toe. Griffiths recently visited the hotel to sample a "Sourtoe" with his own body part.