Things Every Guy Can Do To Be More Attractive To Women

Anyone that tells you looks don’t matter in the dating world is full of crap, obviously. However, there are things that all of us – even the most average – can do to boost our game. Women put their beautiful heads together can came up with a few ways you can get your game on an “A” level.

  • Laughter –Funny always wins…so keep them smiling.
  • Sunglasses –They make you hotter and more mysterious – it’s been proven.
  • Kindness –Just being nice goes a lot farther than you might think.
  • Cologne –Smelling good never hurts…just don’t bathe in the stuff.
  • Garlic –Oddly enough, women find guys who eat garlic more “pleasant” – just bring a mint along, too.
  • Friends –You’re much more approachable when you’re with your crew and not brooding alone.
  • Babies –If you can play nice with a baby, it’s the ultimate heart-melter and panty-dropper.
  • Dogs –Walking a dog will get you attention from those who might not notice otherwise.
  • Stubble –The 10-day mark seems to be the peak of attractiveness.
  • Walking –Walk “with purpose” and confidence – too fast looks hurried and too slow looks lethargic.
  • Words –Using words like “creative,” “ambitious,” and “laugh” will get your more swipes on your dating profile.
  • Selfies –Women find them unattractive in dating profiles – especially the “shirtless” ones.
  • Smile –It’s contagious…especially if you have a “sly, slow” one you can unleash.
  • Build –Women say they want a “built” guy rather than a scrawny one, but not a full-blown muscle head.
  • Scars –Don’t hide your imperfections – those are stories waiting to be told.
  • Guitar –There’s a reason everyone joins a band so they can get laid.
  • Lines –Ditch them.
  • Man-Spread –Women find a more relaxed guy more attractive – unless you’re wearing loose shorts and letting your doo-dad’s flop out.
  • Flowers –They still work if you time it right.

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