T&D's Dog of the Week: Sancho

We're super stoked to announce Tanner and Drew's Dog of the Week! Every week we will be showcasing a dog that's currently up for adoption over at Oregon Humane Society. We need to find these doggos forever homes! Honestly, if I had more room I would be adopting these dogs left and right.

Meet Sancho! He's such a sweet boy. He's a 6 1/2 year old, 77 lb German Shepard. He's been with us since early December. He LOVES people, but is scared of all other creatures. You wouldn't expect a 77 lb German Shepard to be a scaredy cat, but he his!  Because of this, Sancho needs to go to a home with NO other animals. He can also pull fairly hard on his leash, so he'd do best in a home with a fully-fenced yard so he can get most of his exercise there (he would absolutely hate a dog park since he's scared of other animals). He would love someone to play ball with him everyday. It'd be a great way for him to get his exercise. He loves playing ball so much, he even does it when he's by himself in his kennel. He'll flip the ball up and catch it over and over. He'd also do best in a low-traffic, home as lots of loud noises can make him nervous. He needs someone who can give him a calm, stable life, and lots of affection and love.

Get all the info on how to adopt this sweet boi HERE!