T&D's Dog of the Week: OhBee

Ohbee is a 67 lb., 1 year, 8 month old Foxhound mix. You can see in his video that he knows sit, down, and high five, and loves to run and play. In fact, he’s on the OHS running team! And, like a typical hound, you can hear that he has quite a voice!

Ohbee is a local boy, having come to us from the Bonnie Hays shelter in Hillsboro. He’s an active dog and is looking for an active person/family who’ll be able to not only give him the exercise he needs, but also plenty of love, treats, and toys.

Due to his lovely hound singing voice, he needs to go to a home without shared walls. While I’m sure his owners will love his voice, there’s a good chance his neighbors might not.

He can be a bit picky and a bit rowdy in this play style, so he’ll need to meet any potential canine companions in advance. He also needs to go to a home with a fully fenced yard so he has plenty of room to run.  

Get more information on Ohbee and details on how to adopt HERE!

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