T&D's Dog of the Week: Marin

Hey guys, we teamed up with the Oregon Human Society to try and help find these loving dogs forever homes! If you've been feeling lonely during the quarantine, dogs can make great companions and can be funny af. My dog Cooper makes me laugh every single day. For example, the other day he fell asleep on his back playing with his chew toy. It was just hanging out of his mouth like he just couldn't dare to part with it. It was adorable. Here is some info on this weeks pup, Marin.

Marin is a big hunk of Mastiff/Shepard mix! She is 97 lbs and 5 years old. Marin originally came from Texas, where she lived her first 4 years with a military family who had to re-home her when they were deployed overseas. Now the people who took her in are making a big move, too, and can’t take her along so we’re working to find her a new home-hopefully this time forever!

Marin loves her people! AND she lived in harmony with a 5 and 7 year old, so she’s good with kiddos.  That said, she does need to go to a home with no other animals. She’s nervous about most other dogs, so she’d definitely be more comfortable being an only dog. We don’t know if she’s ever been around cats before, but we do know she once killed a chicken (oops!) so that tells us she has a pretty high prey drive and is not to be trusted with cats.

She’s a bit of an escape artist and dug under a gap in her owners’ fence three different times, so she’ll need to be supervised if she’s in the yard, or taken on leashed walks instead. Her favorite thing to do is RUN, so having a secured fenced yard (with supervision, of course!) would be ideal for her. She has a stuffed toy that came with her from her original home that she loves very much. It will go home with her. She’s affectionate, playful, friendly with visitors, and even though she’s nearly 100 lbs, she thinks of herself as a lap dog! She know sit, down, come, stay, wait and off. Does Marin sound like the dog for you? If so, please fill out the questionnaire and someone from Oregon Humane will call to talk more about her.

Get all the adaption info HERE!

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