T&D Dog of the Week: Iris and Lilly

Iris is just over a year old and weighs 36 lbs. Lily is just over two years old and weighs 44 lbs. They are both American Pit Bull mixes. They come to us from the Mount Shasta area, where they were surrendered by their owner after a fire. They were found crouching under a porch after the fire.

They lived mostly outside in a barn with a horse, goats, and cats. They’re both pretty nervous (especially Lily) and they depend on each other so they’ll need to go home together. Because they are easily worried, they need to go to a low-traffic, adult-only home with a fenced yard and a dog-experienced, patient person who can help them to become comfortable in their new home. If you’re interested in Lily and Iris, you can fill out the questionnaire at the bottom of their profile and someone from Oregon Humane will call to talk more with you about them.

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