Woman In Her Sixties Says Men Of All Ages Hit On Her Online

It appears that some men confuse social media as a dating app. A 62 year old fitness instructor says that she's amazed at how many men use social media platforms like Instagram as a way to hook up.

Sheila Kisslives in Bali, Indonesia, and follows a strict workout routine, exercising in two-hour stretches six days per week to maintain her physique. The former model said she fell in love with fitness about 30 years ago and has never looked back.

With a following of 55,000 on Instagram, Kiss claims that “men do stare” and constantly send her messages on the photo-sharing app, hoping for sparks to fly. "I laugh to myself as I am old enough to be their mother. They totally confuse my Instagram page with Tinder; men who private message me would be from 20 to 70,” she said of their advances. “I just hit delete.”