T&D Dog of the Week: Bravery

We have a lot to share about Bravery because she is a worried girl has very special needs.

She has been working with our Training and Behavior Team and needs a special home. Bravery is very sweet and loyal to her people, but can be sensitive and nervous about new situations, sights and sounds. She needs a home with patient people who understand that her world needs to start out very small and may need to stay that way forever.

Bravery loves being with her people and needs time to get used to her surroundings. She takes time to warm up to new people but bonds closely to her friends.

Bravery needs a quiet, low-traffic, adult-only home with a securely fenced yard. She would struggle in an environment with too many startling noises, too much hustle and bustle, children, or a home with frequent new visitors. She thrives in an environment with structure and regular routine where there are few new visitors entering the home. She startles easily and is sensitive to noises and fast movements, as well as things that simply appear out of place. Bravery has made progress at OHS and in her foster home with the help of a behavior medication, Fluoxetine. Keeping her on this medication will help her transition to your home and continue to do well. It’s possible she will need to be on Fluoxetine forever.

Bravery loves playing with other dogs! She would greatly benefit from the friendship of another dog within the home. Though she enjoys playing with new dogs greatly, she would also prefer to play with them in the yard, and not have their initial greeting to be in her home. She can be protective of her space and belongings and does have a history of guarding her things. This will be important to keep in mind if you have another dog, and when you have visitors over.

Bravery loves to play! She enjoys fetch and rotating a variety of squeaky toys to play with. She also loves to cuddle. While she is very respectful of the boundaries to not get on the furniture, once she is comfortable with you, she loves to give hugs and enjoys calm petting and brushing. Bravery is so smart and loves to learn new things! She knows sit, down, stay, shake, wait, come and up (to hug). Once she is comfortable, she is eager to please and is a wiggly, silly girl.

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