Dog of the Week: Barry

Barry is a young, active boy who needs a special home. He’s an active boy you loves to play and learn. He needs to find a home with a dog-experienced person who can continue working with him on his impulse control using the same positive reinforcement training methods we have used here at OHS. Barry does best when he can stick to a routine and a predictable schedule. He needs a home with a securely fenced yard where he can play with you. He will not be able to go to the dog park, so leashed walks and playtime in your yard will help him be successful. He gets very excited and could easily overwhelm a child, so we’re requiring that he go into an adult-only home – or one with older teens. Barry has bitten a cat in his previous home and in the process, he accidentally bit the owner when the owner intervened to get Barry to let go of the cat. Barry cannot go to a home with dogs, cats or other small animals. Although Barry has lived with two other dogs in his original home, he is very conflicted about his canine friends and his play style can get over the top and overwhelm a lot of dogs. He would benefit from taking a Reactive Rover class like the one offered at OHS to help manage his reactivity towards other animals while he’s out on walks.

Barry is affectionate and playful, but he can be a little shy at first. His favorite things to do are run, play with toys, and follow his people around. He knows sit, come, leave it and drop. He’s a very active boy and has proven to be good at climbing/jumping fences. He needs a home with a fully-fenced yard where he can run and play, and due to his fence-scaling tendencies, he’ll need to be supervised while he’s in the yard. He’s potty-trained, house-trained, and crate-trained, and can also be left alone in the house for up to 8 hours per day without issue.

Does this active, fun-loving boy sound like the one for you? If so, please fill out the questionnaire at the bottom of his profile and someone from Oregon Humane will call you to talk more about him.

Get all the info on how to adopt HERE!

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