T&D Dog of the Week: Bridger

Take a look at this handsome boy! This is Bridger! Bridger came to us from Louisiana after Hurricane Laura. After natural disasters, it’s common for shelters to move out the animals that were already there so they have room to bring in the animals that were displaced during the disaster and hopefully reunite them with their families. Bridger is a two year old, 56 lb, American pit bull mix Cajun boy! His previous shelter, where he’d been since April, told us he was a very sweet, social boy, and we can confirm that. Because he’s young, Bridger can still get pretty amped up and may be a bit to much for a family with little ones, but he would do fine with older kids. Like many dogs from the south, Bridger has heartworm disease which is spread by mosquitos.  Untreated, heartworm can be deadly, however, it’s easily treatable. His heartworm treatment has already been started by Oregon Humane Society’s medical staff and will need to be continued by his new family. The treatment period is about 90 days and consists of a series of drugs that kill the worms and prevent the spread of the disease to other dogs. Until he’s finished with his treatment it will be important to limit his exercise and keep him calm and settled. And as with any dog, heartworm preventive medication should be given year-round. Is this handsome southern boy the one for you? If so, please submit the application at the bottom of his profile and someone from OHS will call you to tell you more about him.

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