T&D Dog of the Week" Mocha

Our dog of the week this week is Mocha! Mocha is 1 ½ year old 62 pound Anatolian Shepard-mix.  Anatolian Shepards are Turkish herding dogs who are known to be aloof. There is nothing aloof about sweet Mocha. She just loves snuggles, chin rubs, and being close to her people. Mocha came to us from a shelter in eastern Oregon where she’d been surrendered because of a medical issue related to an accident when she was a puppy. You see, she was kicked by a horse when she was just 4 months old.  Her pelvis and femur were fractured, and she had surgery but was still having trouble.  Her bones were rubbing together, causing her great pain. She came to Oregon Humane so we could provide her the surgery she needed to ease her pain. In early September, she had a femoral head ostectomy (FHO). In this surgery, the “ball” of the “ball-and-socket” joint of the hip was removed to alleviate painful bone-to-bone contact resulting from the damaged joint. The goal of this surgery is to remove the pain the animal feels and to allow the body to create a “false joint” in place of the previously damaged hip joint. Although the pivotal part of the hip joint is removed, and the hip socket is now empty, the femur is kept in place by the many muscles of the upper thigh which keeps the leg aligned and returns the animal to relatively normal function. Mocha is recovering from this surgery and is doing great. She’s very playful, loves to chase stuffies, and loves to be outside. She’s loving and affectionate and would make a great family dog.

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