T&D Dog of the Week: Gus

This is Gus. Gus is a 9 year old 6 pound terrier mix. Gus’s original owner passed away, which is how he ended up at Oregon Humane. He’s a spirited little guy who has lived with cats and other dogs, both big and small. He had a bit of a standoff with a visiting dog once, but otherwise he got along well with the dogs he lived with. He’s also spent a lot of time around little kids and has done well with them. One thing to know about Gus is he’s a bit of an escape artist, so he’ll need to be watched closely so he doesn’t dart out the door unexpectedly. Gus is crate trained and is a friendly, playful dog who loves sitting on laps and going for walks. Does he sound like the dog for you? If so, fill out the application at the bottom of his profile and someone from OHS will call to talk more about him.

Get more info on Gus HERE!