T&D Dog of the Week: Uma

Uma is a 10 year, 3 month old, 55lb, pointer/pit bull mix.  Uma’s foster parent reports Uma is a great dog, though she’s not for the first time dog owner. She needs to find a calm adult-only house in a quiet environment with a fenced-in yard and a dog-experienced person or couple (no roommates or busy households) who can continue working with her on her impulse control using the same positive reinforcement training methods we have used here at OHS. Uma needs people who have the time and desire to keep up her training and who will accept her limitations. Uma cannot go to a home with other dogs, cats or small animals, as she has a history of poor interactions with other animals and prefers to be the only furry friend in the home. In her foster home, she started off as pretty independent and indifferent, but has grown to be incredibly affectionate and sweet. She loves to snuggle and would be happiest sleeping on (or in) the bed, though she will also sleep on a dog bed. She is pretty active for her age and loves running and walking on leash. When she’s getting a few walks or runs a day, she is happy to lounge around the house most of the time, though she prefers being with her people when given the option. She can be reactive toward other animals, but is very treat motivated and can be easily redirected. Uma is extremely potty trained and has never had an accident in the home, staying home alone for up to 8 hours. She isn’t a chewer, but will get into food and trash if left out. She likes butt scratches, belly rubs, ear scratches and most any kind of physical affection. And she loves all sorts of treats, including carrots! She also hates the car, and is not looking to be a travel companion to a road warrior. Once settled in, Uma is a sweet, snuggly dog who is a joy to have around the home. Does Uma sound like the girl for you? If so, please complete the application at the bottom of her profile and someone from Oregon Humane will call to tell you more about her. Get more info about her HERE!