T&D Dog of the Week: Abner

This week we’d like to feature Abner! Abner is an 8 year old, 45 lb, Australian Cattledog/Border Collie mix. 

Abner came to the Oregon Humane Society with a group of other cattle dogs as part of an investigation into a case of animal abuse and neglect. He has worked with our Training and Behavior team and has been in a foster home for the past two plus years. He is sweet dog but is extremely worried about anything unfamiliar to him.

Abner needs a quiet, adult only, routine-focused home with a secure, fully fenced yard and a patient, calm person who understands and accepts a fearful-natured dog. Abner does need a single-family home in a quiet neighborhood. Because he can be worried, he would struggle living in a busy neighborhood or high-traffic apartment complex.

Once he gets to know you, he loves chest and armpit scratches. Will prance around will a toy occasionally. He will love curling up in your lap in an easy chair. He needs a calm, quiet, predictable home. Abner occasionally came to work at Oregon Humane with his foster mom, but only on very quiet days when not a lot of people were in the offices.

Abner likes spending time with other neutral dogs and going to a home with a “helper” dog will really bring out the best in him and make him feel much more comfortable. He may not want to engage with your dog in play, but your dog will help him build a relationship with you. He will need to meet any potential canine companions several times before being adopted. Abner has made progress with the help of a behavior medication. Keeping him on this medication will help him transition to your home and continue to do well.

Get all the info on how to adopt Abner HERE!

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