T&D Dog of the Week: Chickie

This week we’d like to feature a sweet pittie girl named Chickie! Chickie is a year and 10 months old and weighs 80 lbs. She was originally adopted from OHS when she was a little puppy.  In her previous home she lived with another dog and cats. She and the other dog got along great, regularly rough-housing, playing, and hanging out together all day, so she might really like to go to a home with another dog close to her size. As for the cats, she’d do best in a home without them. She really likes to chase them, which isn’t always a lot of fun for the cats!  She also lived with children. She did fine and was very sweet with the older child who was 8, but when a new baby came on the scene she was very fearful of the infant. If she goes to a home with kids, they’ll need to be kiddos who are a little older. Infants and toddlers are pretty scary to her! Chickie know lots of commands; sit, stay, come, down, leave it, drop, wait, and off. AND she knows all these commands in both English and Spanish! In fact, her family primarily gave her commands in Spanish, but she does know them in English as well. While she seems to like most women, she was sometimes worried about men she didn’t know, though she did great with the man in her own home. She can be left home for 8 hours a day with no accidents and her very favorite thing to do is play fetch. If you think she might be the girl for you, please fill out the questionnaire at the bottom of her profile and someone from Oregon Humane will call to tell you more about her. Get all the info on how to adopt HERE!


Our friends at the Oregon Humane Society also have LOTS of male guinea pigs that need to be adopted. About a month ago they did a rescue of 264 (!!!) guinea pigs from a single residence in Lane County. Most of the females were pregnant so they’re in foster homes either waiting to have their babies or nursing their newborns, but they have LOTS of male guinea pigs up for adoption. Only a handful are currently on the website but I’m told there were about 60 of them waiting for adoption as of last Tuesday. All of the guineas are red and white in color, and we’re adopting the males out in singles (not multiples). Apparently, as I’ve learned today, male guinea pigs have a tendency to want to fight with each other. So, if it’s appropriate and you have a chance, maybe we could ask you to give a shout out to the male guinea pigs in need of adoption too??! Just because they’re cute, I’m attaching a couple piggy pictures. Piggy 1 is Leif and piggy2 is Rune, and they’ve both likely fathered MANY piglets. The pigs in the home weren’t spayed or neutered and they were free-roaming. The gestation period is about two months and each litter is between 2-7 piglets so you can imagine just how quickly that situation got out of control! (Hence, 264 guinea pigs in one apartment)!