T&D Dog of the Week: Bob

This week we’d like to feature Bob as our Dog of the Week. Bob - Oregon Humane Society Bob is a 28 lbs, 1 year 2 month old terrier/retriever mix who comes to us from Tulsa, Oklahoma! That’s right, Bob was rescued from a shelter in Oklahoma, and we don’t know much about his life before then. We do know he came to us with heartworm, as is common with dogs from the south. Bob has been living in local foster home for the past couple of months while he was being treated for heartworm and getting used to life in the Pacific Northwest.

Bob is a sweet boy, but he is worried about new people, new situations and busy environments. He needs a quiet home with a fully fenced yard, and a patient, calm person who understands and can live with his fearful nature. He would not do well in a busy apartment complex, a home with a lot of hustle and bustle, or one with children. Once he gets to know you, you’ll see that Bob is fun-loving and enthusiastic. He has a lot of energy and is amazingly athletic! He loves to run and play but it will take time for him to feel comfortable enough to do this around you and also time for him to heal from his Heartworm treatments. Bob was not socialized and has little experience with strangers, children, dog parks, the sights and sounds of traffic, or riding in an automobile. We expect him to be overwhelmed by everything he encounters at first. During the critical first months, his safety will depend on your good judgment and forethought. A frightened dog will look for any occasion to bolt when startled: out of vehicles, out the front door, or slipping the leash. Keep a very tight grip of that leash! Bob has been doing better with potty training but doesn’t know how to signal to be let out. Keeping him on a schedule will help him be successful –but be prepared for accidents, especially as he gets used to his new home. Bob will chew and eat things that aren’t good for him. This is a response common in dogs who have been neglected and without food in the past. Keep valuable or dangerous items well away from him and give him appropriate chew toys.

This sweet boy had a rough first year of life. Are you the person who can help him thrive and have a great rest-of-his-life? If so, please fill out the questionnaire in his profile and someone from Oregon Humane will call to tell you more about him.

Get all the info on how to adopt Bob HERE!