T&D Dog of the Week: Sadie

This is Sadie Sadie - Oregon Humane Society. We think Sadie is a Shepard/husky mix (maybe a little bit of Chow Chow, too) who is about 4 years old and weighs 55 pounds.

Sadie was found in early January as a stray in a very rural area in southern Oregon near Bly and Beatty. For those of you who don’t know where that is, it’s a hilly, sparsely populated area about 50 miles northeast of Klamath Falls. 

Sadie was transferred from the Klamath Falls animal shelter to Oregon Humane and was quickly adopted in mid-January.  Her person tried so hard to make it work for her. She worked with trainers, she tried medications, she did everything she could think of. Sadie was very comfortable with her person (who was never away from her for more than 2 hours), but after more than two months, she never became comfortable in her home or in her neighborhood. She is truly not cut out for city living. She and her person lived in a busy part of town not far from a freeway, and the loud, fast-paced life just proved to be more than this country dog was able to handle. She was always anxious with the hustle and bustle of the city and her person (along with many consultations from a trainer and from the folks in the OHS behavior department) finally determined that Sadie needs a rural life. The sounds of things as simple as cars and bouncing basketballs are terrifying to her, and because of her sensitivity to city sounds, it’s stressful for her to even go outside to do her business. Her person did bring her to visit a friend who lives on a quiet, rural property with lots of space near Newberg, and Sadie was SO much more comfortable in that environment.

For Sadie, we’re looking for a low-key person/couple/family, who lives in a quiet, rural area and are home a lot. Her person had a camera in the house, and when she left for short periods she could see Sadie was very stressed by being alone. She would pace and lick her lips the whole time. Therefore, Sadie needs someone who is home most of the time: Someone who works from home, a retired family, or perhaps a farm family would be a good match for her. She needs someone who can be with her most of the time. We don’t know if she has any history around cats, but she does seem to like to be around other calm, mellow dogs, so she might like having a companion who could help her with her confidence (that might also help her with her home alone anxiety).

She’s potty trained but occasionally has pee accidents when she’s especially stressed out by something. She really only has accidents when she’s scared. She loves to lay on a bed (both dog bed and human beds!) with her person and snuggle- that seems to be one of her favorite things. She also loves peanut butter and treats, but she doesn’t seem to understand what toys are for. It’s likely she never experienced them in her former life.

As you can tell, we’re looking for a very specific kind of home for Sadie. We’re hoping that by getting her story out there that the right person might just happen to hear it and realize they can give her the kind of quiet life she needs. Check out her full bio and all the info on how to adopt HERE!