T&D Dog of the Week" Copperton

This week we’d like to feature Copperton as our Dog of the Week. Copperton - Oregon Humane Society. And, he has a video!

Copperton is a 7 year old, 76 lb lab mix (I would bet he has some pittie in him too). He’s a sweet boy who knows sit and shake, stay, down, drop, and off. Oh, and belly rubs. Copperton LOVES belly rubs!! Don’t let his age fool you—he’s a VERY high energy boy and would love to go to a home that can give him plenty of physical and mental exercise. When Copperton is on leash he can be reactive (barking and pulling) toward other dogs. Because of this, he would likely do better in a quieter neighborhood than in a busy urban setting. He has lived with dogs before- little dogs- and sometimes he played rougher than they liked. He’ll need to meet any potential canine companions before going home with them to make sure they get along well. He also lived with cats and adored them, often curling up and snuggling with them. He’s also been around kids from newborn to age 13 and did very well with them. He’ll be fine with kids as long as their sturdy ones! He has a lot of energy and could potentially knock the little ones over so it might be best if the kiddos have dog experience.

Does Copperton seem like he might be the dog for you? If so, please submit the questionnaire at the bottom of his profile and someone from Oregon Humane will give you a call to tell you more about him.