T&D Dog of the Week: Tango

This week we’d like to feature a sweet older girl named Tango. Tango - Oregon Humane Society. Tango is a 10 year old, 60 lb, blue and white pitbull- and she has a video! You’d never know Tango is 10 by looking at her. This girl has muscles!! She came to us from the Jackson County Animal shelter in Southern Oregon where she spent some time living in a foster home. Here’s what her foster family had to say about her:

Tango is a sweet old soul with the most amazing personality. She was very quiet, gentle, polite, and extremely easy to care for in a previous foster home. Tango is estimated to be 10 years old and weighs about 60 pounds. Sleeping most of the day with a few occasional spurts of energy is her main hobby. Her low energy, home-body style makes her a great choice for someone who just wants to relax with a companion at home. Tango loves being outdoors but is very well behaved and trained inside. She knows how to sit, go to her kennel, and wait for cuddles and treats. She is completely house trained and kennel trained, and she has good house manners (not destructive). However, Tango could use some work on the leash, since she's a strong puller.

I can attest to all of this! She’s so sweet, mellow, and loves to cuddle. And as you see in her video she can walk very nicely on leash, but what you DON’T see in her video is she can also pull like a sled dog!! This girl is strong! We recommend using a walking tool, such as a harness, when walking her. It makes a world of difference.

We know that Tango first arrived at the Jackson County shelter about 2 years ago. Sadly, she was returned to that shelter two different times due to her adopters’ change in living situations. There were no issues about her reported by those two adopters. The reason she was returned had nothing to do with her, but rather with her peoples’ situations. In addition to being house trained and crate trained, she rides well in the car and hasn’t shown any signs of separation worries when her people have been away.

Earlier this week, she got to spend the morning in a large open office at Oregon Humane hanging out with a staff member. They reported that she’s ‘a calm dreamboat-not a peep!’ They said she chilled on the dog bed the entire time and was curious, if not a bit on the cautious side. They also confirmed she knows the word potty!

Tango has had a lot of changes in her life the past couple years. Now, what she needs is a calm, caring, stable home and family to be able to live out the rest of her life. Do you think this sweet, mellow, older girl might be the one for you? If so, please submit the questionnaire in her profile and someone from Oregon Humane will call to chat more about her with you.

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