T&D Dog of the Week: Lucian

This week we’d like to feature sweet and handsome Lucien. I’ve attached quite a few pics of him AND he has a video in his profile! Lucien - Oregon Humane Society. Lucien is one of those dogs that has two speeds- 0 or 100! I’ll get to that part in a bit. First, a little about Lucien. He’s a little more than 3 years old and weighs 76 lbs. You might look at him and think he’s some sort of hound. Nope! We had his DNA analyzed and found there’s only 1% hound (specifically, Norwegian Lundehund). So, what is he? Well, he’s mostly American Staffordshire Terrier (50%), Weimaraner (12%), and Chesapeake Bay Retriever (10%), but he also has little bits of Bichon Frise, Australian Cattle Dog, German Rough Haired Pointer, American Bulldog, Collie, Schnauzer, Chihuahua (yep!! Chihuahua!), Australian Koolie, Komondor, and Xoloitzcuintli (you’re probably going to want to Google those last two! You’ll be in for a surprise). All in all, he’s a whole lot of handsome!

So, back to that 0-100 thing….Lucian needs and active family. A really active family. A runner. This boy LOVES TO RUN! In fact, he’s on the Oregon Humane Society running team and one of his running buddies has this to say about him, “He has been running 3-4 days/week at OHS. He typically runs about 2.5-3 miles each run. He has been known to try to chase birds and bunnies, and prefers a quiet, calm area to run in, and good smelling flowers are a bonus! He shows his excitement at the start of the run with a burst of energy, but then settles into a nice pace. He enjoys his runs and will take his human volunteer runners (and walkers) straight to the exit gate hoping that is where he is headed! He loves his water breaks and loves to drink straight from the water bottle. Lucien also loves a good old fashioned “sploot” onto a cold floor at the end of a run, with a good bowl of kibble under his chin”. So, that’s the 100 part. When I see him, he’s usually at the 0 part, just after a run when he’s lounging. He’ll move around just enough to situate his legs in a way that give full access for the optimal belly rub. Other than running, I’m pretty sure belly rubs are his second favorite thing. Well, that and peanut butter. He loves, loves, loves peanut butter- even more than cheese or hot dogs!

Lucien needs a calm home with a fully fenced yard and, as mentioned before, an active family! He has lived with kids before but would do best with older kids because he can sometimes be a bit rambunctious (the ‘100’ part of him)! He’s never lived with cats and would probably do best in a home without them because he sure likes to chase birds and bunnies, and I suspect to Lucien, a cat would look an awful lot like a bird or bunny! He can be picky with some dogs so will need to meet any potential canine companions before going home.

Are you a runner? Do you want a handsome, enthusiastic dog to run with and later lounge on the couch with. Lucien is your guy! If you think you and he might be a match, just fill out the questionnaire at the bottom of his profile and someone from Oregon Humane will give you a call to chat more about him!

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