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Rip City Drive's Travis & Chad Join Us To Pick Week 10 NFL Games

Tanner and Drew have decided that they are going to split up and take each other on in a Brew and Rip City radio sports gambling showdown. Drew and Travis will take on Tanner and Chad each week in a battle that will crown the ultimate football pick champions. Travis and Drew got the week nine win and are 6-3. Tanner and Chad lost their game and are 4-5. You can hear the guys talk about it HERE!

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Week 10

Travis and Drew- Browns +2.5 against the Patriots

Tanner and Chad- Chiefs -2.5 against the Raiders

Week 9

Travis and Drew- Chargers -1.5 against the Eagles Win 6-3

Tanner and Chad- 49ers +1 against the Cardinals Loss 4-5

Week 8

Travis and Drew- Titans- +2.5 against the Colts Win 5-3

Tanner and Chad- Lions +3.5 against the Eagles Loss 4-4

Week 7

Travis and Drew- Raiders -3 Over The Eagles Win 4-3

Tanner and Chad- Seahawks +4.5 against the Saints Win 4-3

Week 6

Travis and Drew- Cowboys -3 over the Patriots Win 3-3

Tanner and Chad- Raiders +4 against the Broncos Win 3-3

Week 5

Travis and Drew- Carolina -3 Over the Eagles Loss 2-3

Tanner and Chad- Chiefs -2.5 Over the Bills Loss 2-3

Week 4

Travis and Drew- Titans -6.5 over the Jets Loss 2-2

Tanner and Chad- Broncos Pick'em vs the Ravens Loss 2-2

Week 3

Travis and Drew- Raiders-3.5 over the Dolphins Loss- 2-1

Tanner and Chad- LA Rams +1 over the Buccaneers Win 2-1

Week 2-

Travis and Drew- Bills -3 over The Dolphins Win 2-0

Tanner and Chad- San Francisco -3 Over the Eagles.Win 1-1

Week 1-

Travis & Drew- Seahawks over the Colts by -3 Win 1-0

Tanner & Chad- Giants +3 against the Broncos Loss 0-1

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