T&D Dog of the Week: Luca

Luca is a 3 year and 8-month-old, 75 pound Staffordshire terrier mix. Luca - Oregon Humane Society We got his DNA results and he’s 50% Staffie, 12% Weimaraner, 10% Chesapeake, 7% Bichon Frise and another 10 breeds!

Luca is a graduate of our Behavior Modification Program at Oregon Humane Society and he is looking for a special home. Luca is a big smart dog who loves to play and cuddle! Luca needs to find a dog experienced, adult-only home with a patient person who has time to continue working on setting boundaries and training using the same positive reinforcement techniques we use at OHS. He would not do well in a home with a lot of hustle and bustle, or one with children.

Luca is a big dog with a big personality, who loves people, but can be nervous when meeting someone new. When excited Luca likes to jump up on his humans and if overstimulated will grab onto loose fitting clothes, the leash, or purses/bags. We’ve been very successful using positive training techniques, asking Luca to sit and wait for pets to help him in his overexcited state. Luca will need your help with potty training. He does best when he can stick to a routine and has a predictable schedule. You may need to take him out every couple of hours until he gets the routine and layout of your home. Be prepared for accidents, especially as he settles in. He is crate trained and loves his crate; this will help him while he settles into a routine.

Luca is an excellent leash walker with the appropriate leash walking tool he is a joy to walk around the neighborhood or even out on the hiking trails. Luca is on our running team and is a delight to go on runs with, he would thrive in an active and/or adventurous home. Luca has shown signs of barrier reactivity in previous homes, barking at passersby’s out the window. Giving Luca a quiet place to settle away from windows, like his crate, will help him settle into a home as you train him not to bark out the window. Luca likes to play with other dogs and could do well in a home with another dog or visit friendly dogs regularly. He does not do well with out-of-control greetings, such as a dog running up into his face when on leash or off leash dog parks. Luca does have experience living in a home with older children (teenagers) and could do well in a home with older kids who understand dog behavior. Luca needs to go to a home that has a fully fenced yard.

Does this handsome boy seem like he might be the perfect fit for you? If so, please fill out the questionnaire at the bottom of his profile and someone from OHS will call to tell you more about him.

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