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T&D Dog of the Week: Bailey

Calling all Herding breed people with experience, patience and a calm, quiet environment. This week we’d like to introduce you to a sweet, shy, worried, German Shepard named Bailey. Bailey - Oregon Humane Society. Be sure to watch her video! Bailey is still a puppy at 9 months old and she weighs 56 pounds. Sadly, she’s lived most of her short life in shelters and foster homes. She’s really looking forward to finding the right family that can provide her with her forever home.

Bailey is a young, sweet, loving girl; a big puppy, who needs to find a home with an experienced person who will build her confidence and provide an appropriate outlet for her energy in a safe environment. Bailey really needs that stable, experienced, committed forever home with the best possible match for her special needs. A home with a yard and a person who has the time and experience to continue with her training and confidence building. She would also do better with a calm, playful and well socialized dog who can help show her the way.

Our main concern for Bailey is her anxiety around food being taken from her. She feels more comfortable with regular feedings of kibble in an area where she can eat undisturbed. People should refrain from giving her any high value or long-lasting food of any kind. We want you to avoid giving her any more anxiety and allow her to relax. After a couple of months, she should realize that she can eat calmly and quietly.

Bailey is also generally shy at first and needs a person to take good care of her. Being shy means that she needs to be on a leash at all times, even in your fully fenced in yard as she can be nervous of people approaching her and won’t come, even to you, at first. She is also cautious about walking on different kinds of surfaces and might plant herself and not want to move out of fear. She is also scared of stairs and jumping in the car.

She has been sweet around dogs who are gentle and tries to get them to play but is easily overwhelmed with unfamiliar dogs or young, bouncy, rough play dogs, so she should not go to an off-leash dog park as she could easily run away if scared. To exercise, you can play fetch in your yard and let Bailey’s leash drag so when finished, you can simply pick up the leash by the handle and lead her inside.

She is a big puppy and seems to really like humans and other animals. She did, however, leap into the air to catch a bird and guarded it from her foster parents, so you’ll need to be aware of that ability!

Continuing training in the home is important to grow your bond and communication with each other, she would not do well in a home where she has no guidance from her owners.

If you think you could provide Bailey with the kind of home she needs, please fill out the questionnaire at the bottom of her profile and someone at Oregon Humane will reach out to tell you more about her.

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