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T&D Dog of the Week: Lola

This week I’d like to feature one of the best Pitties EVER!  Lola! I adore her. Honestly, if I didn’t already have two big dogs, I’d seriously consider adopting her myself. THAT’S how good of a dog she is!

Sweet Lola tugs at my heartstrings (not only because my very first dog was named Lola…). This girl has such a story, and she’s my current favorite in the shelter. I adore her. Lola - Oregon Humane Society. When you view her profile, be sure to check out her video!

Lola is a 9-year-old, 54 pound, American Pit Bull mix, and is one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet. As soon as you enter her kennel, she’s your instant friend. Lola loves pets, head snuggles, and sitting on your lap. Honestly, this sweet angel baby has no idea that she weighs more than 50 pounds. She just wants a warm lap with someone who will pet and pamper her. And she deserves that!

Sadly, Lola came to us because of health issues, and her previous owner brought her to OHS so we could help her. This is a direct quote from her previous owner: ‘She needs medical help I cannot afford her expenses. I'm hoping by surrendering her it will save her life’.  And we did. Oregon Humane Society saved her life. You see, Lola came to use with a tumor on her abdomen that was the size of a cantaloupe. I’m not kidding! I’ve seen a picture of it and wish I had access to it so I could share it. Honestly, seeing that photo my breath away.

Lola’s tumor was removed, and she’s no longer carrying around a cantaloupe. But, unfortunately, biopsy samples of this tumor came back as a malignant cancer. Although we don’t know the specific type of cancer, the possibilities listed by the laboratory are aggressive and potentially metastatic cancers. At this time, her chest x-rays do not show signs of cancerous spread and her blood work is normal. It is unclear if Lola will have months or years of life, but it is almost certain that the cancer will return or spread to other parts of her body at some point. Lola has been doing well here in the shelter and is much more comfortable without the large mass attached to her abdomen. Once adopted, she’ll require frequent and regular follow up with your veterinarian to monitor for the return or spread of cancer.

This girl is the BEST, and although her life may (or may not) be that long, she deserves to live the rest of her life in a loving, comfortable home. She gets so much love an attention in the shelter, but even so, she’s living in a kennel right now. Our hope for her is that she’ll be able to move to a loving, compassionate home with a family who will be able to pamper her for the rest of her life. We HOPE she’ll live for years longer, but we just don’t know. It may only be months. Either way, we want her to be able to live the best, most pampered, and most loved life she can.

Lola has a history of living with little kiddos and does well with them. She’s not very fond of most dogs and has never lived around cats. She’d be best retiring in a home where she can be the one and only. And that’s perfect, because that’s just more time, attention, and love to give Lola during her golden years.

Is sweet Lola a girl that you think you might be able to love for the rest of her days? If so, please fill out her questionnaire Adoption Questionnaire - Oregon Humane Society and come in to meet this amazing gem of a dog!

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