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TD&L Dog of the Week: Batty Koda

This week we’d live to feature a lovely little puppy named Batty Koda. Batty Koda - Oregon Humane Society. Batty is a 5 ½ -month-old pitbull mix who currently weighs 46 pounds (and is still growing).  I haven’t gotten to meet this handsome fella in person, because he’s been staying in a foster home, but he’s looking to find his forever home.

Batty came to us from Multnomah County when he was just 2 months old. No surprise that he was quickly adopted and loving life with his new family. His new family adored him. He was great with their 5-year-old child, lived with (and did well with) their cat, and was awesome around their friends’ dogs. An all-around great puppy. But, at 4 months old his family noticed he was kind of wobbly, so they brought him to see their veterinarian. The vet said they thought he might have cognitive issues that affect his back legs and he would need further testing and care. Unfortunately as much as his family loves him, they don’t feel they’re able to provide the care he needs.

They said that he’s very good with children, cats, and other dogs and that he’s very loving and sweet, but that he needs an owner with more time and resources than they’re able to provide. They said that he’s just a little wobbly and their vet thought he might possibly eventually require a wheelchair. They said they think he needs a family who will be able to love him, provide the care he needs, and who find his wobble as adorable as they do.

Here’s what our Oregon Humane Society veterinarians have to say about his condition and what they’ve been doing to assess it.

This dog was previously returned to OHS care due to progressive neurologic symptoms. He is ataxic (uncoordinated) on his hindlimbs. Otherwise, he appears apparently healthy with no other signs of systemic illness. We do not know the underlying cause of his symptoms at this time. Differential diagnoses include infectious (neospora, toxoplasma) vs congenital vs trauma vs toxin vs degenerative disease. Diagnostics (spinal radiographs, bloodwork) were done here at OHS. Diagnostic results were unremarkable at this time. Although there were no overt abnormalities seen on spinal radiographs, this does not rule out a significant lesion in the spinal cord.

To assess his quality of life, we sent Batty out to a foster home for a month and empirically treated him with antibiotics in case of an infectious cause. Once a week, we reach out to his foster parent for updates. The foster parents have reported that he has been doing really great: eating well, running around, playing with other dogs. They have also reported that they feel like his ataxia has improved, as he is able to get up, turn, and ambulate better. Batty's quality of life while in shelter and in the foster home has not been affected by his condition, as he seems otherwise happy and comfortable. We strongly recommend non-slip mats or rough surfaces like grass or soil for him to run around and play, and avoid slippery surfaces when you can. At this time, his gait has improved with antibiotic treatment. However, we still do not know if his condition will resolve on its own with time or be a progressive condition. He may have a normal or shorten life span depending on this condition.

And, like his original family, he’s foster family is also smitten with him. Here’s what his foster family has to say:

Batty loves toys, other dogs and children. Loves to snuggle on the couch or on the floor. Not too fond of bath time but doesn't fight it. Enjoys being outside and being with his favorite person. Learning the sit command quickly. Does not like booties or clothing but loves to be covered with a blanket at bedtime. Still learning to house train. He's getting better, only a few accidents mainly at night when people are sleeping.

He can be a bit annoyed when you do exercises with his hind legs. He doesn't bite or yelp he just tries to pull away or push your hand away with his nose.

Batty Koda loves children. Younger child at home (less than 10 years old). Always happy to see her and cuddle with her. He associates her with play time. With other dogs he plays chase with little or no body contact. He shares toys and plays quietly with other dogs, H will play with all dogs.

After reading about him I wish I’d been able to meet him in person! He sounds like an amazing little guy.

Is Batty the kind of dog who might fit in with your family? He’d love to go to a home with kiddos, and with a family that doesn’t mind that he’s a little wobbly and is able to provide the medical care he might need. If you think you’d like to meet Batty Koda, please fill out the questionnaire near the top of his profile and set up a time to come on down to Oregon Humane Society to meet with him.

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