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TD&L Dog of the Week: Artemis

This week we'd like to feature Artemis, and he has the softest ears you’ve ever felt! Artemis - Oregon Humane Society

Artemis is a little over 5 years old, he’s a lab mix (who has hound-ish ears) and has a lovely sugar face. He’s a big guy, weighing in at 73 pounds. The folks at OHS think he could lose a few, but I think he’s perfect!

When Artemis first came to Oregon Humane, we didn’t know anything about him having a history with cats. He was adopted for about a month by a family who has cat. They tried slow introductions and even worked out our behavior department, but it turns out our guy has too much of a prey drive when it comes to cats. He chased one of them into the barn and up into the rafters, and that was when that family decided he wasn’t going to work out. That’s okay, there are lots of great homes out there that don’t have cats or other small animals!

His profile says he has a ‘history of escaping doors or fences’. Let me tell you a little bit about that. In his previous home (before the home with the cat), he lived with kiddos and another large dog.  His family was busy didn’t have enough time to get him all the exercise he needs, so he’d spend time in the yard which honestly, would be a little boring out there all by himself. So, over the course of 6 months, he busted out of the yard three times by digging out. And guess where he went? To the park! He took himself to the park to go play with other dogs!  I’d say he’s a pretty smart boy! So, while Artemis isn’t a fan of cats, he does love to play with other dogs!  Ideally, he’d like to find a home with no cats, a dog to play with, a big, fenced yard, an active family who likes to go on walks or runs, and of course plenty of trips to play at the dog park!

The other thing a little different about Artemis is that while he’s a lab mix, he doesn’t like the water! His previous family tried bringing him to rivers and streams a number of times, and while the other dog in the home loved playing in the water, Artemis wanted no part of it (oh, I have a dog like that)!

Now, let’s talk about what a snuggle bug he his! Oh, I do adore this boy. That is, me and many others. He’s a volunteer favorite!  When I visit him in his kennel it’s clear that he loves pets. Usually after a few minutes sitting in his kennel, I find that he drapes the whole front part of his body over my lap. But yesterday as soon as I sat down he came and sat on my lap. Yes, I had a 73-pound dog happily sitting on my lap. He’s just such a sweet boy!

Artemis loves treats and food goodies, but he’s not as interested it toys. He might be more interested once he’s settled and comfortable in his new home, but at the shelter he only shows a passing interested. He’s much more interested in people and other dogs. Honestly, he is such a love. 

If you’d like to meet this big lover boy, just fill out the questionnaire at the top of his profile and schedule some time to come in and meet him in person. And if you have a dog bring him/her in with you to see if it’s a love match!

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