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TD&L Dog of the Week: Daniel Buttercup Jr.

Yep, I discovered that last night. I was hoping she’d already been posted. As of yesterday afternoon Barbara joined our behavior modification program for some additional training (she pulls pretty hard on leash and can get fairly amped up). So hopefully we’ll be able to feature her in a few weeks once she becomes available again. 

In the meantime, let’s feature Daniel Buttercup. We featured him back in February when his name was Dozer. He’s gone through a bit of a rebranding (we didn’t want people to think he’d bulldoze them over, he’s not that kind of a dog…) Also, for a short time he was adopted to someone who lives a studio apartment in a really busy part of town, and he was not happy with all of the hubbub, so we’ve learned a lot more about the kind of home he’d do best in.

We’d like you all to meet Daniel Buttercup (affectionately known as Danny, or Danny Butt). Daniel Buttercup Jr. - Oregon Humane Society. And, he has a video!

Dozer came to us from Tulare, CA, where he was found as a stray. He’s a lab mix (probably lab/pitty), is almost a year and a half old and weighs in at 64 pounds. He’s an active guy and likes to walk and run. In fact, he’s on the Oregon Humane Society running team. He was pretty scared of cars at first, but he’s doing a lot better now. He’s gotten used to running where cars occasionally pass by, and he’s also been getting a lot of practice at jumping into cars. That was pretty scary for him to start, but throwing treats in the backseat goes a long way and now he realizes that getting in the car means he’s going somewhere fun!

Daniel briefly went home to a studio apartment in a very busy part of town (LOTS of cars and foot traffic) and that was way to scary for our sweet boy. He came from a rural area (Tulare County, CA) and he has let us know that he’d like to continue to be a rural or quiet suburban boy!  He’s looking for a home in a quiet neighborhood with a fully fenced yard where he can run and play and flip toys around to his heart’s content!

Speaking of toys, Daniel LOVES them. Sometimes he loves them a little too much.  He’s pretty quick to disembowel stuffed animal kinds of toys, but he does love flipping them around and chewing on them. He also loves rubber toys, chew toys, kongs, puzzle toys (he’s really good at puzzle toys). Uh, did I mention this boy REALLY likes his toys?

Danny would do best in a home without small kiddos as he’s likely to tip the little ones over, but he would do well with older, sturdier kids.  He doesn’t have a history with cats, so we don’t know how he’d so with them, but I’d bet you $5 that he’d chase them! He can also be a bit picky with dog friends, so he’ll need to meet any potential canine companions at the shelter before going home with them. 

Does handsome Daniel Buttercup seem like he might be the dog for you? If so, please fill out the questionnaire in her profile and you can set up and appointment to come in and meet him.

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